This project came into my mind during the summer of 2011, when I noticed that many among the people I photographed were using these portraits as a ”profile picture” in their social networks. I started to ask myself a few questions. How has the concept of portraiture mutated? How has the way we benefit of our self image changed in the past few years? For how many: portrait equals profile picture? To what end do we have our portrait taken? So why not realise a photographic social research and turn it into a convincing work of art? How to find a sample of people willing to join this sort of experiment? I made contact with a deal-of-the-day website, then tailored an extremely low price deal for a professional photo shoot, that lead me to reach the highest number of various and unknown people. Among hundreds who bought the coupon, 180 of them have contacted me to have their photographs taken. At the end, after 7 months of shooting I had portrayed representatives from any social class and profession: starting from a chef to an actor, from a manager to a simple employee, from a clerk to a surgeon, up to a whole family. 80% of them used these portraits as a profile picture.

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