I am Davide De Martis, yes I am also known as DeFuntis and I was born in Oristano, Sardinia. Full time Photographer, collecting memories since 1979, I love Laura and Beer.
If you want to know more about my past, since I am not too good at writing, click on the linked In icon at the bottom of the page or just hire me and I will tell you more about that time, 16 years ago, when I got into a taxi without seats and headlights, around midnight, in Gambia (2000).........I know you are curious.......What about that time I basically hitchhiked from Bagdad to Amman because I was too scared to work in Iraq (2003).
Plenty more, hey by the way, besides telling good stories, I do take great portraits as well!
So now, go to contact and drop me a line!

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